Dan Weingart



Dan Weingart is a seasoned corporate reputation professional and trusted communications advisor with a strong focus on social media engagement, brand management, and search engine improvement.

Dan has developed a gift for understanding client needs and creating tailored strategies to help businesses thrive in both the digital and more traditional landscapes. His expertise has attracted diverse clients, including in medical technologies, automotive manufacturing, retail, health and fitness, and higher education. He has significant cybersecurity communications experience, having worked on several high-pressure breach scenarios as well as cyber crisis preparedness.

Dan’s day-to-day work involves crafting campaigns that effectively engage target audiences, creating a positive brand experience, and fostering long-term loyalty. Additionally, Dan monitors and manages online reputations, ensuring that his clients’ brands maintain a strong and positive presence and that clients are aware of current or potential threats.

Dan’s search engine improvement strategies have consistently helped mitigate risk while strengthening clients’ positive results. His versatility and adaptability have enabled him to work with various clients and industries, all while delivering exceptional results.


Co-Founder, Partner
Co-Founder, Partner